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Long Time Comin'

Harvest. See the lonely boy, out on the weekend, tryin to make it pay.

I remember the first time I heard Harvest. My old friend Corley "Fruit Loop" Thomas and I were in my van, 1986. We were getting a little high and Corley pulled out a cassette and said "man, I know you're into metal, but I think you'll dig this". Dig? Yea, I'm still digging. I'll probably never stop digging. I was blown away, like a hurricane..

From that night on, I dug into Neil like nothing I've dug into since. To me, there isn't an artist ever that has embodied America more than him. They say he's The Godfather of Grunge, but that ain't right. He's The Godfather of Americana and always has been. Neil has always went where his wind of artistry blew him. Country, Folk, Rock, Grunge, hell even electronica. People didn't always get it, especially in real time. Neil didn't give 2 shits whether they did or not. Still doesn't. Over the years I reckon I've played a few dozen Neil songs in my various bands since 1986. Or by myself. If there is an artist who is more deserving of this tribute, or any for that matter, I don't know who it is. Neil, the best American. The rebel. The man. Hope you join us on the 23rd.

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