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Back in the Goodle days..

This time of year always floods me with memories of some of the best times I've ever had. This pic is of my previous (and sometimes present) band, The Wild Rumpus, playing the Hillside Stage at Merlefest in 2013. Merlefest was always a blast, not just because of the music, but also because of the friends and the unbelievable good times. The campground was more fun than the festival in those days, as our huge WV crew would descend on Wednesday, pitch the camp and take over. Jam sessions that literally ran non stop through the night until dawn. Moonshine. More bacon than should be possible. Everyone having a blast and working together. My friend's bands rocking the stages- The Honeycutters, Johnson's Crossroad, so many more...heading back to camp to jam all night. ALLISON JARVIS (you had to be there)... Deering Banjo tent, a literally 2 hour rendition of West Virginia My Home, destroyed porta johns, Doc listening from the side stage, Sam Bush speechless, Tim O'Brien repping your band...wrestling boy scouts, meeting new friends, getting back to my family roots (Sizemores come from Ashe County NC and surrounding areas and are buried in North Wilkesboro as well)..I miss it all. I miss those times and my friends. I miss the goodle days....onward!

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