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Covid ain't for wusses

Well, here I am, 5 months in from Covid recovery. Yea, it's been tough and never ending it seems. I'm sorry that I've had to cancel some shows at the last minute. Setbacks at every turn and I never know how I'll feel. The neuro symptoms are the worst right now, although the crushing fatigue ain't far behind. The docs have tried real hard to figure it out, and I've learned to be patient. The worst part? Most days I don't even feel like working on music or recording! Although, I am working on the next album already! Hopefully, early next year. Also, I'm slowly putting together a backing band for some shows in the future, as I'll feel better I hope. I've dealt with a lot of health problems and adversity in my life, and this may be the worst, and that's saying something! Maybe I'll get back to some livestreaming soon as well, that may be my best bet heading into winter, as I've only done outside shows when I've been able to do them at all. Anyway, keep good vibes heading my way, hope to see you all out there!

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